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Maximillion Jonas Eilerson Biography


Godless and powerful he would have achieved immortality.

No wonder his marriage didn't work out. At 22, he met Cynthia. She put up with his solemnity. His quiet, nervous chatter. She loved his child, the excitement he found in his work. She didn't mind the sexual expertise learned at the University of Chicago either. She would comfort him from the dark eyes that shown above him as he awoke in a sweat from the chronic nightmares. She liked the adoring IPX parties with her star husband, false bravado included. He loved her acceptance of him, her need for him, her chaotic household, her deep abiding passion. She was so human and emotional. Even Mr. Kitty, the III, adored her. She was a strange heart connection previously unknown to him. But she was high maintenance.

The decision to divorce was long and painful. But with his two year absence on an unexplored planet that Max insisted be named after himself. When he returned she was not there. She had returned to Earth. The divorce papers were on the kitchen table. So be it. His armored doors closed. He refused to speak to her for two years.

So now we find our Max in his polished somewhat tweedy his intergalactic bachelor mode, with few social skills and less trust in the good of humankind. He is the most promising member at IPX, outside of the CPO board. It was mostly the potential for power and recognition he felt when he was called by the governing bodies to join the Excalibur expedition. There was a twinge of compassion for the likes of Earth for the wives the children and cats doomed to the plague. But only a twinge. He was impressed at how alone he felt at the huge dinner dance thrown in his honor at IPX as he was to set out to reaches beyond what had ever been traveled in known time. But despite the risk, this mission would greatly accelerate his time frame on his rise to power. So be it. He would make it so by overcoming the obstacle of the Excalibur's altruistic 'seek and find' the retrovirus "parameters."