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Maximillion Jonas Eilerson Biography

BORN: Mars 2216 (2267 Drakh set packing out of our solar system) .

It is in the community of Lilith, a sophisticated bedroom community of Bargon, an industrial and financial center in the third quadrant, second only in influence to Earth in our Solar System. Lilith is made up of ex-patriots of Earth, Venus and Uranus. A highbrow community of executives and their families, all here for business. The Interplanetary Monetary Fund, is based here (Bargon) for political reasons. Major decisions are still called in from Earth, a situation resented by the rest of the Solar System, but abides it because of Earth's dominant military and financial contribution when the Solar System was confronted with the First Ones, an ancient much advanced civilization. What had become an exploratory adventure on their part and their power, had almost turned into a conquering one with their departure.

A situation much like middle Europe in the pre war 1990's on Earth unfolded. Satellite countries finding their independence gave birth to repressed racisms, hatreds, boundary greeds. Choas ensued. The plague was the hand left on the table by the Drakhs for the Earth to deal with. The unsettling was the emotional mix of war, plague and economic instability that two generations had grown up with, especially Mars. It was not unlike the Earth's depression of the 1920's and ensuing wars, only this period lasted over 70 years.