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Maximillion Jonas Eilerson Biography


The characteristic adaptability IPX, the largest of the three conglomerates in Bargon, created and amassed billions in new technologies, trademarks and weapons; feeding the desperate Solar System new tools with which to cope. So that sets the socio-economic scene for the birth of Maximillion Eilerson.

We find ourselves focusing down now on a five-acre middle class oval home on the outside of Lilith. A space Pueblo apartment, a complex if you will. Max was born to a neurotic, brilliant, social climbing mother who had given up on the career of her semi-castrated husband, and was focusing on Max, the only child of the couple. The dynamics that were to affect Max most were three; the ambition of his mother, the brilliance of his father, and his sensitivity to the isolation of his childhood.

The dinner table was a microcosm of Max's youth, sarcastic, dissatisfied barba from the mouth of his mother like black pearls heading toward the father. She thought that they were witty and helpful, motivating, if you will. Jonathan Eilerson accepted them as part of his home life. A good-hearted man with no particular ambition. He worked at the International Monetary Fund as a department manager. His exceptionally high IQ only accentuated the shut down mode he had adapted to defend himself against the expectations that everyone had held for him, including his own ambitious mother. His hobby, a yet unpublished manuscript on the mathematical patterns and similarities of ancient alien languages, was a subject too esoteric for casual chatter. So Jonathan's brilliance was cloistered in a spare room after work with old computer programs and boxes of unedited typing that he had done for as long as Max could remember.

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