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Maximillion Jonas Eilerson Biography


This passion for the Ancients leads Max into academia and two years of research awards. But he tired of the lack of power and esteem inherent in circles of intellect. He had bigger plans, the candle of his mothers ambitions was producing an arc flame. This was were IPX at age twelve had begun seducing him with research awards. He had sailed through school all the educational systems avialable by the age of fourteen. Just before receiving his doctoral, for linguistics and archeology at the University of Chicago on Earth, he left at his oral exams. He had the statement read by one of his professors that he would not take the exam (a mere formality for him), he declaired he was opposed to the "unconscious, patronizing, imbecilic relationship" that Earth, its educational system and its government had monetarily forced upon his home of Mars and the rest of the Solar System, for that matter.

IPX at the upper level was greatly humored by this move, he was their young protegee. Here they had a brilliant nonpartisan, nonpolitical young man to launch inside the matrix of IPX. They had control of his destinations. Destinations that would create billions of credits for them. They knew of the trademark riches lying in undiscovered languages in the Out-planets. Max was happy with the ensuing partnership. He knew he had a narcissistic streak that would be taken care of as the corporation used him for their own ends. He had his own designs that we'll discuss later.

There was one event that put a knife-edge on whatever naive innocense was left in him from his big-hearted father. In his last year at the University of Chicago, he had gotten into a small coterie of genius students who were experimenting with psychosomatic drugs and sado masochistic whores. Though the sex was dark, it helped him vent his anger at his mother. And the drugs were not so confusing to him. That they opened him up with his lack of social skills and his emotionally blocked personality. He actually got a heathy perspective on his imperious, rather worried personality when he was back in the world.

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