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Maximillion Jonas Eilerson Biography


Returning to Max, sitting at the table the child from three to ten, absorbed the toxic subtext of his mother and father's relationship. He absorbed the ambitious sarcasm of his mother and the passive reception of the head of the table. Passivity was something he grew to hate.

School became a problem from the start. Max demanded attention and leadership from the other children. Like lightening, he could see the overview of any situation, and the meticulous detail necessary to obtain the potential of that situation, even at play. But alas, he lacked the social skills and the children charisma to bring the "best" scenario about. What did come about was the elevation of Max's physical pain threshold. Larger boys would demand submission while Max was on his back bleeding, having lost a fight. But submit he did not, he never did. At age 7, he was tested in the genius category, that sealed his fate. Grants, special tutoring, and more time took him away from school and other people except his own neurotic, rather toxic mother.

Mr. Kitty, the first of three in his life, provided his first contact with unconditional love. Mr. Kitty was someone he could talk to and did. Books with his veracious appetite for reading were his diversion. He also found as he got older he had a way with young women. As he held court on philosophy and the "magic" of the ancient cultures to produce such sophisticated, harmonious civilizations, unlike anything in the times his listeners had endured.

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