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Maximillion Jonas Eilerson Biography


But one dark morning in the after hours clubs, where Max was involved with his friends, it was raided. In the ensuing chaos Max being slightly morphed with a mild hallucinogen and a bodysoma, found himself in a separate precinct than his genius chemist friends. He had been booked in the Spatula, a part of town that was always flipped with all the addicts and space Mafia dropouts. In the holding cell, he watched four shadows of men approach him. They covered his mouth and took his money and jewelry. But couldn't keep his mouth shut then. His insults prompted his own torture. The existential concepts of unfair and chaos that had always been 'intellectual' about helplessness were now branded on him that night. The beating and the knife cuts were easy for him compared to the black eyes of cruelty and anger that haunted him for the rest of his days. IT was there at only 14 he saw the worlds outside of himself as threatening and deadly, unless you had one thing, power. And power meant money.

Back at home, to recuperate, he began his relationship with IPX. His own grandiose defense methanism kicked in, filling his room with plans. Plans he would manifest. He would not be pwoerless and poor like his father. This was basically what he planned on a sheet that night at his computer, the super objectives of his life: One; he would have two million credits by 18. One milion in cash and one million invested. Two; he would own his apt house and the two next to it, demolish them and create a high ten-acre home with just 7 rooms, and a two-acre oval terrace overlooking Earth and Saturn. He would never be crowded again, not like in the lock up. And three; he would write the ultimate computer book-site on ancient languages and show the spine of the similarities in all the separate languages. He would show that the common spine of all language came out of his equation; a complex matrix of mathematics and philosophy.

C = N + V Communications = Need + Vibration (oral)

Four; the University of Mars would be renamed the Martian University of Maximillion, because of the size of the donation that he would leave them. And it would be done before his death, he would see to it.

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