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First. This is not a website! What is a website? A place of webs to get caught in? Thank you no. This is a station... yeah electronic campsite...I live here by nature of what's on the walls and the tables. There's a bunch of old comfortable chairs around. And just off the porch is an electronic river, a small tributary that led you here.

It branches off the main stream of a huge ocean that is just over the rise with message ships flashing to their destinations, lighting up the whole sky from this raveling ocean without a time zone or a nationality. So. That's how I see this "place" that we're both sharing at the moment. And we also share it by nature of something as yet definable; electricity.

So may we take a moment to notice as we casually ride our computers on what is basically a mystery.

Thank you. I had to get that off my chest.

You've entered my personal photo gallery. What's nice is you can touch the keyboard and leave if you get bored. No apologies or hurt feelings.

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