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Like a lot of us, I've been writing stories since I was little for mom, boring the neighbors with made up tales while they ironed. Since college I've been writing to keep myself company, or keep myself sane, depending on the circumstance.

I've heard if you are the type that tends to the creative side of things, you have to create. Else it can turn back in on you. Sort of an implosion. The other side, I guess, of the privilege and difficulty of exploring the mystery of a blank page.

Here are some poems. Some published in small periodicals, some even winning prizes in national contests. Most have never been exposed.

The following poems are available in two self-published books which will be available via this site soon. The names of the books are 21 envelopes and Breakfast Poems .


Jean Jacket Traveler
January, "Moon of the popping Trees"
Canyon de Shelley


Available soon...

The following is a one-man show I started in Larry Moss' acting class. It is called One Man and was directed by Susan Kohler.